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Learn more about our company Dentcraft Ltd


Dentcraft Ltd is one of the first companies in Bulgaria which develop and promote Paintless Dent Repair / PDR technology.

The main activity of the company is providing a high quality:

PDR repairs

PDR trainings

PDR tools

Thanks to our long experience on the Bulgarian and foreign market in paintless dent repair, we are one of the leading companies in Bulgaria. Currently, It has created one Dentcraft Center in Plovdiv city.

Our goals are:

Promotion of Paintless Dent Repair / PDR technology;

Reducing the cost of car repairs;

Reach to the maximum number of users;

Improving service quality;

Reducing their duration.


Dentcraft will continue to struggle to apply the best European practices to offer its customers a complex service with the highest quality at an affordable price. Through time, we are building a workflow that ensures high quality and successful finalization of each project. We often have to be flexible, buy add and change the steps according to the wishes and specifics of our client to satisfy its requirements, but the results are always high and our customers satisfied. The challenges have become a part of our lives and we overcome them every day, leaving behind only satisfied customers.


We at Dentcraft believe that the customer should feel free to choose and therefore we offer innovative services and a new generation solutions that enable consumers to get more and pay less.


Dentcraft was created to reflect our striving for offer to our customers better services through effective solutions, innovative thinking, dynamic development, honest relationships and inspiring suggestions. Thereby, we believe that we will build trust, honest and stable partnerships between us and our customers, as well to contribute of the development of a competitive and stable business environment on the market.


Thanks to our loyal customers which are contributing for promoting our site. Thank you, we wouldn’t have succeeded without you!

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