PDR Training and consulting services for paintless dent repair

Consult and training for dent repair in Dentcraft Center

Have you ever dreamed to be PDR master? You want to buy rare and well-sought profession?


Then you are in the right place. Come visit us and you won’t be sorry. Many of our graduated students are working successfully and start their own PDR business. If you don’t know how to do it, we will teach you to! We perform only individual training sessions. Our experience shows that the group lessons are much less effective as every individual is unique to itself. That’s why we offer high-quality individual education. The choice is yours! u2In order to be successful and to feel comfortable in the dynamic modern society, you have to possess specific, unique knowledge and skills to sell something that the society needs. In areas where there are no special knowledge, the competition is very high. The majority of people have almost the same skills and vainly trying to “sellthe labor market. Dentcraft Center offers advisory services to develop skills which can be easily applied no matter if you are a master or a beginner thanks to the PDR (Paintless Dent Removel) technology.   Literally only after the first day of the training you will be able to apply the PDR technology up to 70%.

This effect can be achieved only with a professional and competent education combined with the experience of our masters. The foundation of successful education is that the practice have to be made after a solid basic of theoretical knowledge.

Dentcraft Center has trained many people who already use the PDR technique successfully. In Dentcraft Center you are guaranteed to receive the full set of skills and knowledge which you will need in order to make your costumers satisfied.


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Learning the theory you will be able to enhance your practical skills in our center, which makes training (Paintless Dent Repair) more effective.   The main training course which we offer is 7 days long and it is based in Plovdiv city. After the course you will be able to remove dents done by: careless parking, falling objects (domestic waste, tree brunches), vandalism, hail, complicated dents.   Dentcraft Center’s courses are mostly directed to develop working skills with special hooks (steel rods) for dent removal:   Courses start every day from 10:00 to 17:00h. Our method will teach you to the right body and hands positioning.   There is special attention to the correct placement of the specific illumination, the ability to spot and assess dents on the surface of the panel and how to make visual contact with the tool which is behind the damaged panel.   If it is necessary the course can be extended free of charge in order for you to be more confident in yourself.   Today the demand for PDR specialists is greater than ever and therefore training for PDR = guaranteed job! And in mind that PDR technology effectively removes dents on the car body with a remarkable quality becomes more popular.   Thanks to the affordability and efficacy is expected to further increase demand for craftsmen who have mastered the PDR technology so, the choice is yours! Don’t be late!


The full training course includes:

  • Theory, types and methods for dent removal;
  • Introduction with the tools, different types of hooks and the way we use them;
  • Short-term course for the behavior of thin-walled metals and paints;
  • Rules and regulations for the right adjustment of the lighting, depending on the placement and the type of the dent;
  • Introduction to many of the supporting tools;
  • Methods and techniques for simple dents, individual training on a panel;
  • Methods and techniques for longitudinal dents removal from the type “deep crease”, individual training on a panel;
  • Training on hard to reach dents (on the edges of the panel), individual training on a panel;
  • Different ways to reach the damage (remove of parts for access and other elements);
  • Working with glue and mini lifter;
  • Theory and method of work for complicated dents on bigger surface, practice ;
  • Theory and practice of work on real vehicles;
  • Theoretical and practical exams on all subjects.




Once you master all the skills you just have to put it into practice. The hard work will be rewarded with a unique profession, which is constantly gaining popularity!   Dentcraft Center provides full technical maintenance; help with the choice for the right tools and extra training hours.

If you have any questions you can freely mail us on: dentcraft@abv.bg or call us on : 08 96 76 56 96
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