A brief history of PDR

Brief history of PDR

sssThe repair system PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) was put to use more than 80 years ago by car manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Ferrari and Bentley. Companies saw that during the process of mounting on production lines, as well as during the transportation of finished vehicles, as a result of small accidents dents in the car body have appeared. By necessity they have been forced to invent a quick and easy method for dents removal. There is no unanimity when and where exactly this method has been applied for the first time. Probably, different methods have developed independently and over time have come together as a whole new branch of the automobile repair industry. The method acquired its final form during the introduction of the self supporting car body structure. The beginning of its mass applying between the late fifties and mid sixties can actually be regarded as the moment when the present modern look of PDR was formed. After the initial experimental use within the automobile companies the method proved its efficiency and the tools for it began to be manufactured by other companies. PDR is now offered as an independent repair outside the automobile companies and it also has the possibility of mobility. The technology is widely advocated in countries such as Russia, Denmark and the United States, which subsequently became the leading manufacturers of today’s familiar tools.
In addition, it may be noted that it is possible that your car has also passed through such repairing at the factory or at the car dealership from which you purchased it and you are still unaware of that fact. 🙂
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